XenDesktop 7.12 – Machine tag restrictions

I’ve been working on some large Xendesktop 7.x deployments up to 40 000 users and one of the main issue encountered with those large infrastructures was the lack of agility of the Delivery Groups.

For example, one of them wanted to control its rollout applicative upgrades to production:

  • First send the upgrade to some alpha users
  • Start the rollout with a small part of the users
  • Continue with half of the users
  • End the rollout

In order to accomplish this, before XenDesktop 7.12, it was a nightmare as we need to create Delivery groups and affect servers. And since you can only publish one desktop per delivery group and one server is limited to be on one delivery group, if you decide to “move” a server to another delivery group, you had to ask everyone connected to this one to logoff as the users could not reconnect their session through workspace control as you need to remove the server from the original delivery group.

Introducing Machine tag restrictions on XenDesktop 7.12, Citrix simplifies the game as all you need to do to add this server to the publication is add the correspondent tag to the server.

I’ll post an update soon about this topic.

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