E2EVC 2018 Cape Town

On April 12-13, the first E2EVC of the year (and the 37th one) has taken place in Cape Town, South Africa. This has been the first event in Africa and it was the perfect occasion to meet local people to have some insights on the South African End User Computer market.

As usual, Alex has organized a nice and friendly event. More than the content that has been really good, the exchanges we had during those days allowed us to better understand the problems that  local people are facing nowadays.

Regarding the content itself, here is a sum-up of the sessions we had:

After a quick intro by Alex, the first one to talk was Chris Marks for a session about “How to get what you want in IT”. The main idea is to focus on what the people you are talking to want to hear. Most of the CxO are following trends given by Gartner or others.

Next one was Emily Apsey from NVIDIA for a sponsor session about “How to choose the right GPU for your use case”. As always with sponsor’s sessions at E2EVC, the one who presents is the one who does and not a sales person, so we had a great vision of the GPU space.

Saša was next with the vast topic “VMware – What’s new?”. He explained his vision on the VMware portfolio and the different products that are interesting for next few years.

The usual but always updated “Security for Admins and Consultants” session by Remko and Geert was the next one and it has been my preferred one for its content. The best sentence: “Patch, Update, Patch, Update!”

The next one, was the one that make us to be all there, Adnan Hendricks! He was presenting in his hometown a session about “Modern Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure – build your company in a day”. This was interesting to learn that hardware cost there is really expensive and cloud can be a cost saving solution.

I had the chance to be the next presenter with a session about “Disaster recovery of XenApp: state of the art”. I tried to explain how the different part of the XenApp infrastructure should be made highly available.

To conclude the first day of presentation, Gunnar has provided us a scripted presentation about “NetScaler Radius Authentication Tips & Tricks”. Always funny, Gunnar’s powershell script present us some insights in the configuration of the Radius authentication in the different version of NetScaler.

The second day has been kicked out by an interesting session by Dieter about “Secure and Simplify with deviceTRUST”. It was his first presentation and his second E2EVC and that’s the great thing with this community: he learned about deviceTRUST during his first event and decided to present his finding on the product on the next event!

As usual, Remko second session “So you want to be a miner?” about crypto currency mining has been also very interesting. Remko provided us his feedback on his different projects around mining, it was really interesting to see that you can double or triple mining.

Next was Christian for his session “Manage your PowerShell script repository” with his product OneGlass. As a sponsor it was interesting to have an update of the project he’s leading with Claudio and Thomas.

Helge, that couln’t be present for the event but still wanted to sponsor it showed us the magic of his uberAgent product in a session “Taming the performance troll with uberAgent!”. As a frequent E2EVC participant, I know the product quite well but I’ve been impressed by a feature called Application network issue dashboard.

And has a happy ending we had the “Practical steps to virtualize apps in AWS using Amazon WorkSpaces and AppStream2” session by Andrew. It was great to have a refresh on the Amazon WorkSpaces and AppStream2 products.

If you want to learn more about those sessions, most of them should be quickly available on the Youtube E2EVC channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM17iQF508Gw09NOGLIKp1Q

If you want to join us for the next editions, here are the next ones:


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