E2EVC 2017 Sydney – Anatomy of a great event!

Today was the first day of the Expert to Expert Virtualization Conference (E2EVC) in Sydney, Australia. I try to attend this conference as often as possible but it was the very first time for me outside Europe. This conference is all about networking with peers from everywhere around a global topic: virtualization. This edition has been made possible by the usual sponsor (Citrix, ControlUp, NVIDIA, CensorNet and Parallels) and by Warren Simondson’s company: Ctrl-Alt-Del® IT Consultancy. I’d like to thanks Warren and Alex for such a good job in organizing this first day.
The first day agenda was fully booked but the 2 firsts sessions were about the community and the goal of the event:

– Welcome note by Alex
As usual, Alex’s introduction was funny, with a specific focus on the purpose of this conference: Meet people! He introduced its now famous game “Give me the name of x persons you met today”. This is really a major benefit compare to other conferences, there is no distance between presenters and attendees, most of the Virtualization gurus are coming here to share and discuss with every single one.

– Opening keynote by Warren
Warren has summarized the beginning of the EUC community. He has also shared is thoughts about the EUC community in Australia. It was really an interesting topic as he mentioned his feelings about sharing and helping people by publishing content, giving scripts to the community… A lot of great names has been cited.

After that, a lot of great content has been presented by 8 people included me. As you can imagine it’s a lot of information in a short time.
After the final Censornet session of this day, discussions continued at the hotel bar.

I’m now waiting for the next day for 10 other sessions!

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