CTP 2017 edition!

Citrix has just announced the list of the Citrix Technical Professionals (CTP) for this year.

CTP is a community program that nominates 50 Citrix Consultants considering their implication in the community:

  • Presenting at conferences
  • Blogging and being active on Social Networks
  • Helping others through the Citrix and myCUGC’s forums

The functions of the CTPs are:

  • Giving feedbacks from the field to Citrix
  • Test new products/versions before their release
  • Giving opinions on the strategy of the editor

There is a lot to do:

  • Attending the monthly CTPs meetings (online or physical)
  • Presenting at Synergy and Summit
  • Continuing to be implicated in the community
  • And since CTP is not a job :), you still need to do your job!

Annual CTP applications are reviewed by:

  • The current CTPs
  • Citrix

I’m glad and very proud to announce that I’ve been awarded by Citrix as a Citrix Technical Professional for the first time. After Pierre MARMIGNON (CTP alumni) and Stephane THIRION, I’m the third French to be nominated (or fourth as this year Nicolas IGNOTO has been also nominated!). It’s a real pleasure to join this family!

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