E2EVC 2017 Tokyo

The Expert to Expert Virtualization Conference (E2EVC) was hold yesterday in Tokyo. After a great event in Sydney, I was excited to have this new experience. As already mentioned in my previous post, this conference is all about networking with peers from everywhere to talk about a global topic: virtualization. This edition was the first one in Japan and it was a real success.

The different sessions were very interesting, as usual, but the better part was the discussion with the locals. Indeed, we learnt a lot about the local virtualization market. For example, I was not aware that in Japan, the Internet access should not be available on the desktop of the end user. It’s a huge market for virtualization solutions like XenApp.

The agenda was fully packed http://www.e2evc.com/home/HomeEU.aspx#TOKYO and we had a great discussion regarding every single topic. It’s always great to compare our solutions with those of other people.

So once again, conferences are not just about presentations, but about talking with people engaged in the same technologies we use but in different geographical areas, domains…

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