ControlUp version 7.1 is coming

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As a ControlUp Expert, I do have access to some alpha and beta versions and the upcoming 7.1 version (expected on March 1st 2018) will offer some new interesting features: Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop Published Applications – ControlUp can now be integrated with XenDesktop to offer unprecedented real-time visibility for published applications. All your published apps are now available in ControlUp’s powerful grid, which allows for quick troubleshooting, assessment of current activity and fast drill-down to the session level to […]

Director & WinRM : Sometimes size does matter!

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As you may know, some features of Director rely on WinRM and you have to configure it following this article In large Active Directory environment, the user security token that is used to authenticate the user to the server may be larger than 16 KB. This can occur when a user is a member of many security groups. However, WinRM has a 16 KB size limit for HTTP authorization requests. Therefore, WinRM does not accept HTTP authorization requests that use […]

Retrieve admin rights on a XenDesktop site

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During a site upgrade I forgot to add my admin account in the “Full Administrator” role… Before rolling back to the previous version, I’ve performed some tests and here is the result: Connect to SQL Server Retrieve an account with the correct role through the SQL query: SELECT Administrators.Sid FROM [DAS].[Rights] as Rights, [DAS].[Administrators] as Administrators, [DAS].[Roles] as Roles Where Rights.AdminId = Administrators.Id and Rights.RoleId = Roles.Id and Roles.Name = ‘Full Administrator’ Modify the SID find with the previous query or create a […]

wmiprvse.exe uses a lot of CPU during user logon on a RDS/Citrix box

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During a loginVSI load testing scenario on physical servers, I’ve encountered a specific problem: around 170 to 180 users (with a 15 second logon rate), the XenApp server stops opening new session because of a CPU outage. After a couple of dozens of minutes, the server was returning to a more expected value (about 60% of CPU usage). After this pause, the server is re-performing well and new sessions could connect without any problem. During this CPU peak period, the […]

XenApp 6 – Impossible d’accéder aux stratégies

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Un petit post au sujet d’un problème lors de l’accès aux stratégies (ordinateurs et/ou utilisateurs). Le message d’erreur suivant apparaît lorsque l’on essaye d’afficher les stratégies : De plus, il est impossible de créer et/ou modifier une stratégie. Ce problème est dû à une corruption de la partie Policies du DataStore et il est possible de remettre à zéro les stratégies via une requête SQL. Par contre, il m’a été impossible de faire un export via PowerShell des stratégies, il a […]

MSMQ / SmartAuditor non fonctionnel sous Windows 2008R2

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Un « petit » bug sur le service Message Queuing (MSMQ) empêche l’enregistrement des sessions via SmartAuditor. La raison est que le service MSMQ ne se bind pas sur l’adresse IP du serveur mais sur l’adresse de loopback : Un workaround consiste à redémarrer le service MSMQ pour obtenir le bon binding : Un patch est disponible chez Microsoft ( mais uniquement pour Vista/Windows 2008. Il faut passer un appel au support Microsoft pour obtenir la version Windows 2008 R2 ++ Sam