Virtualization experts? Where to go in 2018?

2017 is already almost over and we need to schedule our priorities for 2018 conferences. When I attended to my first E2EVC a couple of years ago in Brussel (in June 2014), I didn’t realize that this will change my, at least professional, life! I discovered a great bunch of guys and I quickly find out that becoming independent was the way to go for me! Since Brussels, I’ve attended at least 2 events per year in the following cities:

  • Barcelona (2014 as a Presenter)
  • Berlin (2015 as a Presenter)
  • Lisbon (2015 as a Presenter)
  • Dublin (2016 as a Presenter)
  • Rome (2016 as a Presenter)
  • Sydney (2017 as a Presenter)
  • Tokyo (2017 as a Presenter)
  • Anaheim (2017)
  • Prague (2017 as a Presenter)
  • Barcelona (2017)

More than a simple IT conference, the main goal of this event is networking with peers from every single part of the world. As a consultant, it allows me to know where the business is going in other geos and met a lot of friends. In terms  of content, this is the most technical and high-level presentation I ever found in a conference. Compared to the vendors conferences, there is no filter and you can find real live feedbacks.

Before being a CTP, E2EVC was the only event where I’ve been able to exchange with such a great people as Remko, Ruben, Carl, Bas, Helge, Shawn, Esther, Geert and so many others… It’s also in this conference where I have made my first presentation in English back in 2014 in front of a bunch of CTPs as audience! Alex is giving a chance to everyone to present as there is no call for paper and just a “Hey Alex, reserve me a slot!” process.

If you need to choose between different events for the next year, I way recommend to attend, at least, to one of the next editions:

  • Cape Town (April 12-13rd 2018)
  • Amsterdam (June 8-10th 2018)

If you are in the US, New York is planned on July 19-20 and then we should be in Athens later in October 2018.

Registration is available here:

Thanks Alex for the organization of all these events, you are a real community guy!

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