E2EVC 2016 Dublin EPIC edition – a 50 € post ;)

I’ve been in Dublin for a couple of days to attend another great Experts to Experts Virtualization Conference (E2EVC) edition.

If you don’t know E2EVC, here is a short description from the conference website:

E2EVC Virtualization Conference Events is a series of worldwide non-commercial, virtualization community Events.

Our main goal is to bring the best virtualization experts together to exchange knowledge and to establish new connections. E2EVC is a weekend crammed with presentations, Master Classes and discussions delivered by both virtualization vendors product teams and independent experts.

Started in 2003 with just 4 people and after 29 very successful events grown to awell-recognized event with over 200 attendees. In the last 13 years and 29 events, our conference has taken place in cities such as Munich, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt, Dublin, Orlando, Paris, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Munich, Nice, Lisbon, Rome, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vienna. On average we have 30 sessions at each event. Topics are – server, application, desktop, storage virtualization with products from vendors like Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and many more. Over 50 of the best virtualization community experts present their topics. Many current virtualization community leaders participated or still participate in our events. It’s the people that attend, presenters that present and our sponsors who make this event possible.

A quick explanation about the title of this post: Alex decides for this edition to offer a 50 € discount for everyone who write a blog… Here are my 50 € 😉

This time was a special edition (EPIC) for almost two reasons:

  • 30th event
  • Back to Dublin (where Alex lives)

For these reasons the event was a 4 days one instead of the traditional 3 days. Alex told us that he wants to do this once every 3 years and for me it’s more than OK.

Like usual, the sessions during the entire event were dedicated to technical discussions even if some of them are done by the sponsors (quite normal since they paid a lot of food and drinksssss (yes I know there is a lot of “s” :D).

So yes, the agenda sounds crazy as most of the top level presenters has been there (the agenda is final now : http://www.e2evc.com/home/HomeEU.aspx#DUBLIN) but this is definitively not the most beautiful part of this event. For me, and for most of the attendees, the most important thing is NETWORKING:

  • Having a drink (or maybe the a second one) with people not accessible during other conferences. If you look at Summit or Synergy for example, the CTPs are just too busy to speak with everyone.
  • Ask questions and get answers from the community elite peers.
  • Get business opportunity. You can find some new products, even sometime projects if you’re not afraid to talk with people.

The main trends for of this edition were:

  • Usage of GPU in a virtualization environment
  • Application layering

Alex Cooper organizes a crazy event since a long time now and he wants to keep the same level of networking so each event is limited to 150 to 200 attendees. If I have to choose between any other conference and this one, I’d definitively choose the E2EVC.

The next event is planned from 18th to 20th of November in Rome… And you know what? I’ve already registered for my 6th edition. The venue hotel is H10 Roma Città and is cheap (book 3 nights for 250 €).

Thanks Alex for being there and to support the community.

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