ControlUp – A new version is (almost) here!

As a ControlUp Expert, Yoni AVITAL, the ControlUp CTO, invited me for the first ControlUp community meetup!

The ControlUp team shows us the new features included in the new version: version 7!

Here is a quick sum-up:

  • New vSphere storage integration (full real-time view of all datastores and vdisks)
  • New logical disk view (see all logical disks in one flat view with config and performance metrics)
  • AWS EC2 API integration – discover EC2 VM’s, see configuration, performance and cost metrics in real-time
  • Browser URL monitoring – for Internet Explorer, see in real-time the associated URL for each IE process
  • The “version 2” of ControlUp Insight now gives automatically insights based on the evolution of the used ressources (for example: +34% on the last 5 weeks)

They will also launch a new tool:

NetScaler Monitor – As its name says: allowing you to monitor multiple NetScaler instances (physical or virtual) in a single page.

Yoni’s team is present at the Citrix Synergy conference, so if you’re here, make a stop at booth 308 for seeing all of this in action!


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