Citrix VDI-In-A-Box – 5.1.1

Le Hotfix 1 de VDI-In-A-Box 5.1 est disponible depuis cette semaine à l’adresse suivante :

Les corrections apportées sont listées dans le CTX et en voici la liste :

  1. A personal desktop cannot be restored on a new server with a restored personal disk if its host server is shutdown or missing.

[From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.1.1] [#330421]

  1. Users’ personal desktop will be destroyed if the base image’s patch update is rolled back.

[From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.1.1] [#331883]

  1. The Session tab intermittently shows the incorrect IP address for the user device.

[From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.1.1] [#328491]

  1. Restarting personal desktops with a logged-on user, with pending base image refresh, may destroy the desktop.

[From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.1.1] [#328192]

  1. You cannot establish an HDX-based connection to a draft image in a workgroup immediately after Desktop Agent installation. To work around this issue, restart the draft image from the Image page.

[From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.1.1] [#325666]

  1. The desktop agent uninstall process fails when run manually.

[From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.1.1] [#315778]

  1. A server upgraded from 5.0.2 to 5.1 has a status of “broken” if the firewall on the Hyper-V server blocks SMB ports (for file and printer sharing).

[From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.1.1] [#328040]

  1. Personal desktops configured to use Fast Refresh do not save the user’s profile.

[From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.1.1] [#330361, #330417]

  1. Users may experience delays of 40 seconds or longer while longing on to their virtual desktops.

[From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.1.1] [#330454]

  1. The personal desktop service and files are not uninstalled when the desktop agent is uninstalled from the virtual machine.

[From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.1.1] [#331322]

  1. The error “SSL Certificate for vdiHVConnector failed to install” appears during installation of VDI-in-a-Box for Hyper-V due to a Windows issue documented in the Microsoft Support article Default permissions for the MachineKeys folders.

[From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.1.1] [#328174]

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