Studio couldn’t be launched if one Delivery Controllers goes down

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A rapid post about a really strange situation I’ve encountered at a customer site. On a XenDesktop 7.5 site with 2 or more delivery controllers we have detected that if one DC goes down, the site administration via Studio or Powershell is not possible from the other Delivery Controllers. Even if I’ve encountered the problem on a XD 7.5, the problem exists in version 7.6. This is due to the status of the Delivery Controller in the site database. In […]

E2EVC Barcelona is over – Time to register to Berlin edition

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I would like to write a small post about the conference EVERY virtualization consultant should assists: the Expert to Expert Virtualization Conference ( During the last 4 days (and nights), I could assist to: 3 master class on XenMobile, XenDesktop and Netscaler given by high level Citrix employees (Karen Sciberras @XMTipster, Mick Glover @XDTipster, Ronan O’Brien @obrienronan) Dozens of sessions by all the stars of the virtualization community (CTP, MVP, Rock stars ;)…) A geek speak session animated by Saša Mašić […]

wmiprvse.exe uses a lot of CPU during user logon on a RDS/Citrix box

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During a loginVSI load testing scenario on physical servers, I’ve encountered a specific problem: around 170 to 180 users (with a 15 second logon rate), the XenApp server stops opening new session because of a CPU outage. After a couple of dozens of minutes, the server was returning to a more expected value (about 60% of CPU usage). After this pause, the server is re-performing well and new sessions could connect without any problem. During this CPU peak period, the […]

Automate Citrix Director 7.x installation and configuration

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This article is about creating a silent installation and configuration of a Citrix Director 7.x website. The installation is quite easy (the MSI file is on the x64\DesktopDirector folder of the install media): msiexec /i DesktopDirector.msi  /qn Once this done, you have to configure the Desktop Director in order to connect to your XenDesktop site(s). This is done using the DirectorConfig.exe tool. This tool is, by default, in the c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Director\tools folder and is explained (briefly ) here: The following line will […]

Citrix XenDesktop SQL Transaction Log Calculator

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Hi, I’ve decided to write this blog post in English in order to share this Excel file with more people… The goal of this Excel file is to calculate the Transaction Log size of a Citrix XenDesktop 7.5 infrastructure. The file is available here : Citrix XenDesktop SQL Transaction Log Calculator v1.1 Feel free to share 😉 The following inputs are needed : Numbers of : – Delivery Controllers – Workers (VDI or shared desktop servers) – Users – Logon […]

Import NetScaler VPX on Hyper-v R3

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Un petit post pour résoudre un souci rencontré aujourd’hui sur mon lab : impossible d’importer une Appliance NetScaler VPX sur mon Hyper-V R3 (Windows 8.1 mais c’est identique pour un Windows 2012 R2) Lors de l’import, ce message apparait (Hyper-V did not find virtual machines to import from location…) : En bon informaticien, sur de moi J, je clique sur New > Virtual Machine et je spécifie le VDH fournie dans l’import et je démarre la VM… Boot sur l’OS et pafffffffffff 😉 […]

Premier Meetup Citrix

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De retour du premier Meetup Citrix (, voici un rapide résumé. Tout d’abord, merci à D2SI ( pour l’accueil, les locaux et la partie restauration pour une première qui a permis de regrouper une quinzaine d’experts sur les technos Citrix. Le meetup a commencé par une présentation du concept par Jean Charles FESANTIEU avec un focus sur le fait que cette communauté est indépendante. Ensuite une présentation d’un cas concret d’une solution de supervision et d’alerting XenApp mise en place par […]